Best Money & Travel Services is a RBI authorized Full Fledged Money Changer. We provide Money Exchange services which includes both buying and selling of all types of Foreign Exchange. The company sells all major foreign currencies both for business as well as tourism purposes. We also exchange Foreign Curency notes as well as Traveler cheques against Indian Rupees at most competitive rates.

Travel Cards are Prepaid Forex Cards which a traveler can carry while travelling abroad. Travel cards are the most convenient and risk free way of carrying Foreign Currency and has added advantages as follows:

It gives you 24 hr access to your money at over 1 million VISA/VISA PLUS ATMs and 13..5 million VISA Electron Merchant Outlets across the world.
It enables you to withdraw funds in the local currency from any VISA/VISA Plus ATMs as well as pay for your purchases in any country in the world.
Know your transaction details on your card anywhere, anytime through internet banking.
Available in 10 major currencies: USD/EURO/CAD/AUD/GBP/CHF/SEK/SGD/JPY/UAD

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